Psy Engine

We invent the cyberpsychological technologies

We develop cyberpsy technologies in two directions

Facilitate personal development and resolving of social problems using specific applications and devices

mental well-being

introspection and self-analysis

willpower and self-control


social intelligence

Personalize the information content and electronic services based on individual psychological characteristics of users

recommendation systems

adaptive systems

virtual and augmented reality

robotics and IoT

artificial intelligence

Do you always know

the best way to interact with family, friends and colleagues?

If so, you are very insightful, or else just use Empathy App!

Empathy is a mobile application empowering you to improve interpersonal relationships accounting for individual features of everyone. Our app will help you to develop social intelligence and achieve mutual understanding with people.

Empathy App allows you to

get key insights on the state of your relationship and clear guidance on how to improve it within just 10 minutes

reveal constructive patterns of behavior leading to positive emotions in your relationship with others

correct your behavior due to emotional state of another person to timely prevent problems in interpersonal relationship

help people around to adjust their behavior to your current mood

track changes in relationship well-being real time

Empathy is the technology of perfect relationship!

Release in AppStore coming soon

Just use your devices monitoring changes in your mental and physiological activity

Streaming data from these devices updates the dynamic profile of your personality

Your devices optimize their own performance and adapt the content to your preferences and current mental state

Devices continuously help to improve your mood, develop your personality and maintain well-balanced relationships with other people

Our vision of cyberpsychological technologies development

We are open
for collaboration

and readily accept new projects going in line with our objectives